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night-wing-and-batty asked:

she blushed. i-i can ship shape. she then turned into a bat and fluttered for a while. batty who woke up a long time ago was mad. no not again. she turned back. so she muttered... any idea who could date me?

"Uh…well…i don’t think i know anyone without a mate besides me and some of the younger people like kids and stuff."

night-wing-and-batty asked:

oh im looking for a... how do you call it boyfriend. and a home she quickly added. im at the age where i need a mate. do you knw any nice looking men she said looking at jack. her eyes glowed a cherfull red.

He stared at her and gave a weak smile. He would be blushing right now if he could. “A…a mate? Well, uh…i don’t know…”

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